Biomaterials, Cements, Bone Substitutes




- Bioresorbable & Biocompatible
- High strength suture & pull-out strength
- Osteoconductive (with TCP)
- Double threads anchor
- Non matted sutures

A'Link'S® is a bioresorbable screw suture anchor mounted in a single-use screwdriver with two threads of UHMWPE (USP2) suture. The device is sterile and ready to use. The anchor is available in5.5 mm or 6.5 mm diameter and 20 mm length.

- Synthétic & Malleable
- Injectable
- Biocompatible
- Osteoconductive & Osteointegrable
- Resorbable

Cementek LV® is a phosphocalcic bone substitute for filling, used in various indications. It offers the advantage that it can be injected with an appropriate mixing and injection system, and is easy to use. Cementek LV® is obtained from a mixture of the solid and liquid phases.

- Synthetic
- HAP ceramic
- Biocompatible
- Osteoconductive
- Resorbable

Ceraform® is designed for filling bone defects. It is made from tricalcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite. Tricalcium phosphate is a calcium phosphate with faster resorption kinetics than hydroxyapatite.

- Optimal Polymerization
- Rapid final induration to avoid micro-movements
- Low temperature of polymerization
- Excelent mechanical properties
- Low monomer release


Gentafix 1® e Gentafix 3® are ready-to-use antibiotic radiopaque bone cements for arthroplasty procedures. Gentafix 1® e Gentafix 3® allow an immediate fixation and a long-term implant in the bone.

- High strength breaking stress (630N)
- Biocompatible and chemically inert
- Suitable for long-term or temporary implantation
- Protects the synovial heath around the ruptured area
- Prevents risks of necrosis


Ligadon® NG is a reinforcing thread for percutaneous Achilles tendon repair. It is a PET thread 800 mm long and 1.4 mm in diameter. Two needles are crimped at its ends.

- Synthetic
- Osteoconductive
- Biocompatible & Osteocompatible
- Injectable & Resorbable
- Percutaneous use

Nanogel® is a material designed to fill bone defects that are not intrinsic to bone stability. It is simple to place Nanogel® percutaneously, enabling the surgeon to use it in closed site filling indications.

- High tensile strength
- Biocompatible & Non absorbable
- Stables knots
- Adapted needles
- Optimizing foam packaged

Sutur'Link® is a suture wire with two crimped needles made of strands of high density polyethylene (UHMWPE) braided with a blue marker wire made of polypropylene to better tailor the product.

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